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2.8 to 4l65e swap


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Ok here is where I’m at…. I am keeping my 2.8, maybe swapping to a 3.4 soon. No I’m not interested in any other engines. I have a 4l65e that I want to put in. I already know that I need a stand alone controller, shifter will require modification etc. Has anyone done this and what torque converter did you use? The 2005 Corvette torque converter has a small bolt pattern that I can bolt to an S10 flex plate but has 1400-1600 stall speed (a little low). The Colorado 2.2 bell housing is the same as a 60 degree V6 but has a 298mm input shaft so probably won’t work for a 4l65e. Or has anyone put a 4l60 behind a 2.8/3.4 motor? I know that an older S10 700R4 is also an option but they are early 700R4’s and everyone says to avoid them. I’m really wanting an electronically controlled transmission. Has anyone done it? Thanks!
Any chance it's just tailhousing (and possibly o tput shaft) swap from the 60 to the 65? I seem to recall that it's something about that simple to change the AW4 from 2WD to 4WD...
No a 4l65e has a 300mm input shaft (length) as well as a 30 spline input shaft and a 4l60e has a 298mm and 27 spline input shaft so their torque converters do not interchange. The 2.2 4cyl S10 has a 60 degree bell housing which bolt to either one but could only use the 4l60e torque converters. It’s complicated which is why I’d like to find someone who has used either one in a 2.8 XJ. Looks like I’m going to be the Guinean pig..
The 4l65 out of an 05 Vette is actually pretty rare, how did you end up with that if you don't mind me asking? Also, is there a better 4l65 option out of another vehicle? I'm intrigued by this swap and there are tons of different used and reman options from transmission retailers like https://reman-transmission.com/transmission-codes/?code=4L65E out of the Silverados, Escalades, Yukons, etc. Just wondering if maybe getting a 4l65 from a 4x4 SUV might work better?
I actually have a 4l65e from a 4x4 truck. I’m only using the Vette torque converter because it has a small bolt circle (9.75”) to bolt up to the small 2.8 flex plate. The truck converter has a 11” bolt circle and that is too big for a 2.8 flex plate. A speedway motors adapter plate gets the 90 degree to 60 degree bell housing problem solved. I haven’t purchased the Vette converter yet. I was hoping someone out there had at least tried to put ANY electronic trans behind a 2.8 but I can’t find any info on this project.

The 2.2 motor has a 60 degree bell housing bolt pattern, maybe the 3.5 also but it has a 27 spline converter and 298mm input shaft to match but I can’t find anyone who has tried one of those either. Not many people keep a 2.8/3.4 now and I can’t blame them but I’d like to keep a 60 degree V6 to keep the rest of the Jeep sort of original.

I just got a Weber 38 in yesterday and I’m working on adapting a TPS to it now.