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WJ rear split seat lowers in XJ - mounting to floor or body seam?


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Snagged a rear seat from 01 WJ limited last week, in better shape than the ZJ ones intended to swap in…

All the writeups i’ve found are conflicting. Mounting to floor is not my preferred choice as it reduces leg room significantly on driver side and brings the knees up higher.

Mounting to the body seam brings the whole seat up an inch. The mounts are too long. Otherwise, minus the base plastic trimming and foam trimming, the fit is perfect.


I have a set of ZJ lowers here that didnt come with the mount for the body seam. Way different style mounting brackets (2 curved tabs off the backside) that are shorter than WJ on first glance. Fit is close enough for leg room and head room.

My thoughts are to swap the ZJ seat mount over to the WJ lower. Its one extra hole to drill for a bolt/screw. ZJ mount uses 4 T45 torx to mount, WJ seat uses 3 bolts (tbd).

Has anyone tried this?