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1998 XJ RKE Replacement Wiring?


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Hey all, I have been searching for countless hours over the course of days now to find an answer between here and Google. Some people have asked similar questions over the years, but none of those threads are resolved or answer the question I have in particular.

I have a 98 XJ (came with RKE, but last guy had no fobs). After some research I bought an aftermarket RKE system that allegedly was compatible, but whose connector does not match the wiring in the RKE board in the dome light of my XJ.

I am trying to splice the right wires so that this RKE board works with the existing wiring in the dome light. I do not care about trunk lift, car alarm, chirping, window control, or anything else outside of the simple lock/unlock feature of RKE.

The dome light RKE board connector, as many have pointed out before, is a 12 pin (6 on 6) connector that has been pinned out here in post #11.

The aftermarket RKE wiring is an 11-pin linear connector identical to this one with a pinout diagram like post 10 here.

I can't map between them to know where to make connections...

Can I even simply splice these wires overhead? Or is this RKE just not compatible with the 98 RKE system as easily as I want it to be?

Thanks in advance.