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Red and Purple ignition wiring hot to touch with A/c and blower on high


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I noticed this week while driving that a faint most of smoke had started to come out of my steering column cover. I had the climate control set to kax a/c and the blower on high. Voltage was at 12.6V so I looked at the wiring connector that connects to the ignition switch and the red wire was visibly burnt and the purple wire next to it was visibly discolored and hot as well. My fix was remove the wiring harness from the ignition switch, remove the red clip holding the wires in and used a small clip removal tool and removed the red and purple wire. The red wire had corrosion on the metal connector and a small bit on the copper wiring. The purple wire wasn't as bad but it was still present. I cut the copper wiring back about 3 inches, soldered in new wiring and then replaced the connectors. It seems to have remedied the issue. The wiring no longer gets hot to touch and the a/c has continued to work great.

Btw it's a 1996 Cherokee Sport with the I-6.

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