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Remote Entry Wiring IR vs RF


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Hi all, I tried posting this yesterday but it never uploaded, not sure if it was a mistake on my end so I'll try again.

I've got a 98 XJ 4.0 that came with Remote Keyless Entry per the build sheet. Last owner did not give me a fob. I pulled the board out and it's this one which I'm pretty sure is IR (right?). Anyway I went out and bought an RF RKE with programmed fobs, thinking I could splice together the right wires and upgrade.

Well the new board and the old board in the dome light do not have the same connectors of course, and I'm getting lost trying to map the two pin outs together.

This guy had the exact same problem with the exact same two interfaces, but the response to him only points out the wiring diagram and I can't translate between them.

This other guy tried to wire it up under the drivers side kick panel, but I'm failing to see why it can't go over head?

Again I'm just confused as to how to map the 9 wires from the 12-pin connectors on my OEM RKE (post 6 here) to these new 11 wires on the aftermarket RKE board (pinout is here).

Thanks in advance.
1997-2001 Factory Remote Keyless Entry is RF. If you aren't sure how to figure out what wires to match, I would suggest that whatever gets posted/explained will go right over your head. No trying to be mean, but adapting two different systems together means you have to have wire diagram decoding skills, some diagnostic skills, and a bit of previous related experience. I paid to have my key-less entry/remote start/alarm installed, and I think it took the installer 4-6 hours, and he knew exactly what he was doing.

At the link below, Post #3 and Post #6 should have all the info required for the Jeep side of the situation.


A shop with a DRB-III scan tool and some locksmiths can program new remotes to the existing stock key-less entry circuit board. If you find a 98-01 junkyard donor with remotes and the circuit board, that would be plug and play.
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