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1994 Exocaged Jeep Cherokee


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1994 Exocaged Jeep Cherokee
1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4
d30 lockright 4.56s
d44 full case spool 4.56s
custom heavy duty dom steering
rustys hd trac bar and bracket
Drop down control arms brackets
Around 7-8" of lift
4.5 inch springs in back with 3 inch blocks
rancho 5000 shocks
borla header
flowmaster exhaust
15x10 mickey thompson wheels
35x15x15 tsls 50% or more tread, 1 wheel has a side wall puncture but holds air fine.
Jeep runs great, no known problems.
Nss doesnt work i have a push buttom to overide and start the jeep once the ignition has been turned to the run position.
Heavy duty bumpers front and rear, recievers front and rear
unibody has been reinforced in very many places
green exterior, tan interior.
has custom built half doors for the front, rear passenger doors have been removed and have bars welded for the exocage support and unibody support, missing the rear passenger side window
has the driver side rear and rear door windows in placed
built in tool box were the rear seat used to be and a bus seat bolted down in the very back of the jeep
200k miles
located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401.
i might be able to help with delivery within reason.




Nice rig. I would love to buy it, but can't afford it right now. Good luck selling it