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  • 92, XJ, in 4X was reluctant to good back to 2X (i.e. stayed in 4X even though lever was in 2X), what adjustment needs to be made? Thanks
    92, XJ, 4X, do the axles ever lock (i.e. wheels always turn no matter what). I got stuck where the left rear was spinning and no other wheel was turning, both in 4 high and 4 low.
    When in 4 wheel drive "part time" light comes on, but no other indicator that I am in 4 wheel drive, what does it mean?
    I am changing the transmission fluid in my 92 cj, how much should I put back in, (just the drain plug), or should I replace filter as well? bought used, 110,000 miles If I go with filter, how much fluid to replace? I plan on using Royal Purple
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