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1988 XJ in Maryland, dont' make me donate it! :)


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St. Leonard, MD
I posted this once and only got two responses. I've dropped the price and am posting again. I think this is a good deal.

1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer, Olympic Edition (whatever that means) - 99% stock
4.0 liter that runs good, AW4 that shifts smooth, NP231, D30 front (open) , D35 rear(open) - this was my daily driver
213,000 miles
No leaks that I know of
Power steering
Power brakes
AM/FM radio (original unit)
Dark blue exterior w/ little clear coat remaining, body is good and straight.
Dark blue interior, cloth seats in excellent condition, just needs a light cleaning
5 spoke aluminun wheels in descent shape w/ P21575R15 Kirkland All-Terrian radials in descent shape
A/C which I am going to have recharged soon
New 100 Amp alternator and I performed the charging system upgrades
New CCV lines, valve cover was cleaned and reinstalled w/ RTV and cork gasket - no blowby
New front trac bar
New T-Stat, coolant and heater hoses, coolant bottle
New exhaust
New oil pressure sender - guages reads approx. 20 at idle and 48 on highway once she gets up to operating temp.

I also have a set of springs and shackles from a '98 XJ that I was preparing to install w/ a new budget boost. The leafs were completely disassembled, sanded as smooth as I could get them, primed w/ Rustoleum and then painted w/ gloss black Rustoleum. They still need to be lubricated, assembled and installed. The BB is a 2" full length AAL from Rusty's and 1.75" coil spacers from RE. I've gots LOTS of time in the preparation of the leafs!

Now for what it could use/needs:

Fluids changed in the trans, t-case and diffs. It's been awhile....
Possibly a radiator. The band that wraps around the rad. snapped and as a result of resting against the rad, wore a small hole in it. It's currenlty patched w/ JB Weld and seems to be holding fine.
Light bulb in the climate control panel.
Rear hatch panel needs to be reattached. All the mounts were broken so I removed the panel, ground off what was left of the mounts and never got around to making spacers and putting it back on.
TB should probably be cleaned.

I would really rather not have to sell this but I can't come up w/ a good enough reason to keep her. The ol' gal would make an excellent building platform. The only thing I ask, is that if the new owner does build her up....please send me pictures!

I WILL NOT part her out so please don't ask. I'd rather have the additional monthly expenses of keeping her than cut her up.

Location: Pasadena, MD 21122

Oh, the driver and pass side manual mirrors no longer adjust and it has a cracked lens in the pass side headlight that I just noticed. I'll fix the headlight if someone wants this Jeep.

Give me $1250 and I'll change the trans fluid and filter, t-case fluid and diff fluids before you pick it up as well as fix the headlight.

I'm open to offers but honestly, if I can't get close to $1250 for it, I'll will more than likely donate it and sell the BB separately. You guys don't want that to happen, do you? :) I could write it off for over $3K, but I need the cash now to get a T-Top put on my fishing boat.