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Got a notice for jury duty today, gotta go in on April 7th. :rolleyes:
Don't they know the wheeling season is about to start?!?
I hope this doesn't screw up all my plans! :mad:

Don't worry Jes, just espouse your political views when asked how you feel about criminal behaviour, and they'll drop you like a hot potatoe.

The problem is trying to get to that point. Sometimes they jerk you around for weeks, I could have easily delt with this had they sent me the notice in December.

I got a notice for April 1. They better be done by the 11th otherwise they will need to find me in Moab.

orgs mfg
You can always call in and get a three month post-pone. I do it all the time. I think you can postpone three times before you actually have to go.
Here in S.F. you can only postpone it once and if I did that it would put it right in the heart of the rock crawlin' season so I'll have to deal with it now.

Nice location, Boatwrench.....

Been traveling. Yeah were on stepped up security precautions; not suppose to wear uniforms off base, took me 45 minutes to get through the gate this morning as they were checking all vehicles, etc. Thinking about a traction device in the rear xale next vice gearing. What's your opinion.
Tom, shoot me a PM. I think a TAD would be a waste unless you really want to build that 2000.