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Modified Tech Discussion Forum for Tech related discussion for Modified XJ's and MJ's.

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Old December 20th, 2018, 12:53
cwyman6 cwyman6 is offline
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Re: XJ Buildup III

I just moved the muffler as far back as I could so it stopped getting hit. I run a glass pack now so if it gets hit it wouldn't rattle
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Old July 5th, 2019, 09:44
CSpeade51 CSpeade51 is offline
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Re: XJ Buildup III

Very nice build
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Old July 5th, 2019, 10:32
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Re: XJ Buildup III

Originally Posted by CSpeade51 View Post
Very nice build
Yes it is. I enjoyed reading xjeeper's update too, even though the thread is a few months old.

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Old August 27th, 2019, 20:28
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Re: XJ Buildup III

More projects coming your way, but here's one that I failed to upload.

Circa, July 2016
My factory steering box had logged about 200k miles and it was getting mighty sloppy. I attempted to bandaid it by adjusting the lash in the sector shaft gear, but without any notable improvement.

I then purchase a "quality" rebuilt box from NAPA and installed it, only to discover on the first drive that it actually had more free play in the gears than the worn-out factory box.
I then sourced another box from a local part house and while discussing my issue with the seasoned counter help, he informed me that all domestic steering gear boxes are now re-manufactured/refurbished by the same company in Mexico and that they just slap a different label on the package.


I purchased the 2nd reman box and proceeded to replace the other box. Much to my chagrin, this box had as much slop in it as the previous unit.

So much for reman boxes.

I parked my XJ and returned both "new" gear boxes and then got on the phone with PSC.

The helpful steering technician asked what vehicle I was working on and how I used it and his recommendation was to go with the following PCS components:

*SG654 4 bolt steering gearbox

*SP1205C Pump with new reservoir

*PP2401 4.5" pulley ( smaller than stock, which spins faster at idle to build more pressure and improve the steering force when rock crawling in 4Low)

*Swepco 715 PS Fluid ( I opted for the AC Delco equivalent 10-5073 non-corrosive PS fluid with anti-foaming properties)

*Gates K060938 serpentine belt (1" shorter than stock, due to smaller pulley)

With all new components, installation was pretty straightforward and included 4 new Grade 8 steering box bolts, replacing both PS fluid lines and adding a Magnefine inline PS filter for added protection.

Once installed, I cycled the pump per instructions to remove air from the system and then put the front end on the ground and took my Jeep for a test drive. The steering improvement was a welcome mod and required less effort and the Jeep tracked straight and steering input was immediate and precise. No more wander or random direction changes with uneven road surfaces.

In 4wd and rock crawling, there is also a noticeable improvement in reduced steering effort and while this solution was not the cheapest route to go, I have no regrets in spending the money on these new components.

Speak the Truth-Question with Boldness-Speak without fear.
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Old September 8th, 2019, 18:13
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Re: XJ Buildup III

Catching up on recent XJ projects.
I've never felt that the XJ trans cooling system was adequate and as I live in the high desert of Utah where ambient summer temps can reach 100*F and I frequently climb mountainous terrain both on the freeway and off-road at 4Low crawl speeds, I decided to upgrade my transmission cooling system with a B&M aluminum stacked plate transmission fluid cooler #70273 with a 15,000 BTU rating.

This unit has approximately triple the cooling surface area compared to the stock cooler and with the B&M plate style being more effective at heat dissipation than the factory tube and fin style, I have no doubt that this unit will be a significant improvement over stock.

Upon removal of the stock cooler, I discovered that this unit was manufactured by Modine. I held onto this unit, as I may plumb it into my power steering system in the future.

I made the decision to use reinforced rubber transmission tubing, brass fittings and high-quality fuel injection hose clamps for this upgrade and while some may argue the benefits of running braided stainless hose and AN fittings, I went with simplicity and off-the-shelf convenience of components. I also made the decision to bypass the radiator tank mounted heat exchanger as part of this mod.

Not being of fan of shoving ziptie anchors through the radiator/AC condenser, I picked up a length of 3/4" W x 1/8" T steel strap and cut and bent up a couple of mounting brackets to span the distance between the upper and lower header framework. I had to remove the header panel nuts to gain working space, but I left the header panel on the Jeep and simply tilted it forward for access.

Once I had the correct bracket spacing and grill clearance dialed in, I painted up the brackets and bolted them in place and then bolted up the cooler. The supplied tubing was not long enough to accommodate the routing for my install, so I sourced additional reinforced AT tubing to complete the install.

I tapped into the existing transmission fluid lines using a brass barbed male fittings on the steel feed line and rubber return line and secured all connections with fuel injection hose clamps that are designed to not pinch the tubing or resist coming loose when subject to vibration like standard worm clamps do.

With the tubing installed and the clamps double checked, I secured the tubing with zipties to eliminate chafing and also added a small section of cooling tubing which I split and ziptied around the ATF tubing where it passed under the front bulkhead below the radiator support, to prevent any potential chafing. I fired up the engine and checked for leaks and added a little ATF to accommodate for the slight increase in system capacity.

This setup works well and I will be adding an inline filter and ATF Temp gauge to the system to monitor fluid temperature.
Speak the Truth-Question with Boldness-Speak without fear.
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