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Re: Event Shirts & Hoodies (ColoradoFest 2011

We reached the 40 item minimum.

I'll be charging credit cards tonight and tomorrow, then heading off to Mexico with all your cash. Should get me airfare and a few light beers at a liquor store in Cancun.


The charges will come through as "RatherWear". It's the parent company that I sell all the apparel through.

I will leave the items up on the site for sale through July 15th now. If you paid to have your items shipped to you I will print those items first and get them in the mail as soon as possible. I assume most of those shipped orders are those of you that can't attend the event.

If you are attending the event I will touch base with a member of leadership that will be there all week. They will be your contact for picking up your gear. I will bag them and place invoices in each bag. There should be no CODs this year.

AND one more thing. There will be no extras printed and brought up this year. If you think you want a something be sure to order it prior to the 15th of July. I may save the screens for printing more apparel after, I may not. So get them now if you want them.

Thanks everyone, and keep ordering!