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Re: Introduce You and your Jeepspeed / Prerunner

Greetings to all!! My name is Tony, I am am a 36 year old nuclear power worker that just moved to the Phoenix are from North Carolina. I had a 90 XJ back in the day, then built a few CJ/YJ/TJ for the slow mountain crawling of Washington state, upstate New York, and North Carolina. Now I am thinking the slow thing was fun but I want to try the fast thing since there is much more oppertunity for it here in Arizona. We unloaded all of our Jeeps and went the Mustang route for the last few years, but now it's time to go back home to the Jeep. I dont have any pics to throw up yet as I have not purchased my start yet, but am starting the planning stage with a built commencing here at the end of February (dont worry, I will start a build thread and keep you all posted on my slow as molaasses build).

Since I am starting from scratch and taking my first foray into foing faster than 5 mph, I will let you know what I am looking for and stay tuned for any helpfull info. So here are my current goals:

Cost effective (have to be able to build the wife's jeep alongside)
Daily driver (15 mile straight road or desert to the plant)
Able to do handle the speed (not talking race trim here)
Still able to bring my kids (driving or riding)
Able to do some trail riding (family loves wheeling, this will be the first tim we dont have 2 purpose built trail rigs)
Keep it ugly enough the wife wont steal it from me (I have had a couple Jeeps end up with plates that read "herjp")
Did I mention be able to run the desert at a decent pace (Sick dog's rig in his 2009 vids as inspiration)

I am sure I will have tons of questions and be on the lookout for input as this is my first time trying to go fast. I take it a 4-1 transfer case is not what I will be shopping for this time.

As I mentioned, I don't even have the start yet, so any recomendations as to where to start, year, trim etc. is much appreciated.

Thanks, and I look forward to the advise (and of course friendly bashing) from all.

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