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TORXreport: Moab 35th Anniversary 2018

35th XJ Anniversary Event
October 7-13, 2018
Moab, Utah

It was hard to believe it had already been five years since my last Moab trip for the 30th Anniversary. With news of the 35th Anniversary taking place this year, myself and a few other NWC members began to make plans to head down for the can-not-miss event.

Nick (redjeep2.0), Scott (nw-zj-scott), and myself hit the road for Moab Friday after work. We loaded the truck and Jeep on the trailer in what seemed like a monsoon here in the Northwest, and hit the road eager to make the pilgrimage to Moab. With three of us, we drove through the night. The 1000 mile drive seemed to go quick, with no issues.

We arrived in Moab late Saturday afternoon. We settled into our condo for the week, and then enjoyed some dinner at The Blue Pig.

I made a tentative trails list prior, and knew I wanted to make this trip count. Sunday morning Scott got his rental JK, and we were ready to cover some ground!

One of many fuel stops. Apparently I was contemplating which flavor to get, and appear to be 4'8".

Headed up to Sandflats ORV for a little Hells Revenge action to kick off our trip, in the rain none-the-less.

Dialed in our the Moab tire pressure, for me I stuck to 12psig all week and it worked like a champ in the Falcons.

The start of Hells Revenge always seems like a reality check as it's so surreal.

Trying to re-learn the "Moab bump." The rain definitely was noticeable, but surprisingly traction still wasn't too big of an issue. We're from the Northwest after all.

Graphic sign.

Colorado river overlook.


Came here to wheel, challenge accepted.

Up Hell's Gate. No bubbles no troubles.

The optional climbs are addicting. Always trying to find your limit.


Dipping in the Hot Tub.

Arrived at Escalator.

Go time.

Had a clean run up with no spotting needed.

Scott and I continued on finishing off the trail with Tip Over.

After Hell's Revenge we dipped down to check out Potato Salad Hill.

Couldn't just stare at it.

Had to feel it out a bit, with a couple bumps to neutral to prevent going over, but eventually she climbed up.

The benefits of only having two rigs in a group is you can cover ground quick. With the day still young, we brain stormed on what to do next.

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