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Re: XJ becomes a project

The work week didnít happen, I ended up getting very sick, I did get some work done this week.

Welded the hatch inÖ The first time welding with a MIG and it looks like it, itís in solid it will just take a lot more grinding and prep work for paint.

Next up was raising the fuel tank, I dropped the tank and cut the floor.

I had a Skid Tank I made and was using the skid was mounted to the bottom of the sub frame, the plan is to drop the skid in from the top and use it to support the tank using straps on the top. I had to cut some relief cuts as the sub frame narrow as you move forward, the cuts will allow the sides of the side to bend in slightly.. once in I will weld it to the sub frame

I am going to keep the stock fill location even though a full tank could leak back out the vent and cap. I Still have to weld it all in and strap it down.

The skid was raised about 6 inches in total. Clearance for the 14 bolt and 4 link.
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