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zerks for front hubs?!?


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NY and/or Fl.
Anyone thought about drilling zerks into the rear or other strategic point on a front hub and let the new grease push out the old via the outer bearing, much like any other lube point?

Just a thought...
No problem drilling the zerk(have you seen a unit bearing apart).The problem would be "how not to blow out the seals"!
I've never seen one apart, I just remember old American cars where you'd have the inner and outer bearing, outer came off with nut and washer, we'd thread the nut back on a bit and give the rotor a quick tug, the inner bearing and seal popped off. All their was was a void in the center.

I never though about xj seals, just figured the grease would follow the path of least resistance, and from the rear just push the grease through the rollers/races of the front.