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Xombie Jeep


That's Me
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Mid TN
aka Project L.A.S.R.

Just wanted to share the extensive body work and paint here, and inspire others that what may seem impossible, is indeed, very possible.


basically a "rags to riches build" on a 2001 XJ wrecked body destin for salvage, and brought back to life as a soon to be DD / weekend warrior.

First step is to restore to stock with little mods along the way.

Damage report:
-vehicle was layed on the passenger side "A" pillar and pressed in about 4-5 inches into the windshield, pulling the roof down about 1 1/2 inches in that corner and placing a kink in the roof at that corner.

-vehicle also layed into a tree or pole on driver side rear quarter from wheel arch to drip rail and pressed in about 1 1/2" on the roof edge

-various dings all around, but overall a very, very clean

started like this...






and currently (just back from paint)...



if you have any questions, feel free to ask

KP :patriot:
It looks like someone trimmed the front fenders, looks like you replaced those as well??

Nice work overall
Thanks, yeah I kept the factory color, it was too clean to change,

and yeah they were all trimmed but the fronts were flimsy and had a slight bend in them, not worth repairing to me, I got some nice ones from the local C4C lot, I want to run fender flares, I like the look and protection.

im also going with a unique paint scheme it was a Anniversary model but im making it a Limited(Leather, map pockets, tweeters), but with a black grille, painted bumpers and endcaps, painted flares, black door mouldings (like a commander), and black tailgate trim with Jeep logo on it, and chrome badging with black limited decal.
Just wanted to update here too, starting to get it back together, also made some mods to make it my own.

almost like a new "2010 Cherokee"

put the "Jeep" logo on the center of the rear hatch



mocked up the front end using painted trim with a black grille, looks cool

I just went through your entire build/resto thread, makes me want to cry. You did EVERYTHING I wanted to do to mine before I wrecked it. I still have half the materials sitting in my garage lol... HUGE props on the amazing work.

This was gonna be my color though: