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XJ wont start


NAXJA Forum User
Virginia Beach
96 4.0 Auto 4wd
Ok heres my problem. Drove my jeep to work the other night ran and drove fine. Came out to go home and she wouldn't start. I turned the key an nothing, not even starter clicking. But all my lights and sound system worked. So i thought I had a weak/dead battery. I had it tested and charged. Tested fine. Put it back in and still nothing. I replaced the starter and still nothing. Any ideas why when I turn the key nothing happens? Something electrical?

Will the new starter work, but the engine simply won't fire up? In other words, is the starter making the noise it should? Are you sure you connected all the wires correctly?
I had the same problem, mine is a stick, try going into the fuse box under the hood, pull the starter relay and put a wire across the left and right side where the relay was. It should start right up. I wired in a push button switch that goes to the left prong on the relay, to a switch, then to the battery.

Does your wipers and fan still work when the key is out and the truck is off? I think the problem is in the ignition switch, but I haven;t gotten around to it yet.