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xj oem tow hook brackets with support braces and hook also oem gas tank skid for sale


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I have 2 sets of OEM front towhook brackets for XJ complete set with 6 brackets in each set, these sets include 2 support brackets for each side along with the main towhook bracket, they stiffen and support the frame around the tow hook brackets, lookin for 70.00 per set including 2 tow hooks with each set.
Also have 1 rear tow hook bracket with the chrome tow hook included lookin for 40.00 for that, and finally have 1 mopar gastank skid plate for 60.00 in exellent condition.
does the rear towhook fit a 98? and if the skid is from a 97 or later I will take it
Tow Hooks

I'm interested in the tow hooks. Can you ship to APO AE 09180? It requires shipping through the regular post office. I'm stationed in Germany, but it is a US address? I'm interest in a front set and the rear one. Please PM me or email me at [email protected]