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XJ 44 parts question


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I picked up an XJ 44 rear a while back but it was missing the shafts and brakes. I just finally picked up a set of shafts for it. I am going to run disks on it. Here's my question: when I slide the shafts into position with the bearing seated in the race, the seal sticks out about 5/16" or so and there is a space between the housing flange and the mounting plate. I am assuming that the brake backing plate must have occupied this space. So do I have to find a set of 44 brake backing plates to cut down to act as a spacer, or does someone make them, or do I have to fab some, or am I just seeing this all wrong? I apologize if my terminology is off.

Any help is very appreciated!
Try reading this,it should answer your question.Ive got all the parts if your interested.I decided just to go with the HD drum package!
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I have read that write up, lots of good info, but I have access to all of the brake components from a YJ front dana 30 with the "bolt on" style caliper brackets for free. I know I would lose the park brake but it's removed already anyway. It looks to me like all I would have to do is fabricate a spacer that would take up the space that the brake backing plate used to take up. Unfortunately, I dont know how thick the stock part was, and it must be correct in order to place the right amount of load on the bearings when the backing plate is tightened I assume? It would sure help if I could have seen how it went together in stock form with all of the parts there.
you can also get the rubicon axle shaft flange that has the adapter built in. but you will have to redrill the flange or the backing plate or something.

wait wait wait the seal should be fully in the housing not sticking out any. the backing plate is only like 1/16" (just a guestimate). make sure you have the proper shafts first.
Beware that the two axle shafts are slightly different lengths. I didn't follow your question that close, but i've seen people have problems by swapping the sides. The axle didn't seat completely.
old_man said:
Beware that the two axle shafts are slightly different lengths. .

I just pulled mine and did not pay attention to the sizes. What goes where?
d10shun said:
I just pulled mine and did not pay attention to the sizes. What goes where?
The driver's side is 29 1/8" while the passenger side is 29 3/4" long.
I made sure that I had the correct shaft on the correct side, but it is entirely possible that the race isn't completely seated in the housing, the race is missing on the other side. I'll go out and check it out!
Ok, so I'm partially an idiot, the bearing race was not complety seated in the housing, and I found the other race too. Now that the race is fully seated, when I slide the shafts in place (and I measured them, they are correct) there is just under 3/16" between the housing flange and the axle retaining plate. In other words, the seal protrudes just under 3/16" out of the housing. Again, I have read both of those write ups on converting to grand disks, but that's not what I'm planning. The spacers they made or used, were to make up the difference of the "thicker" caliper mounting bracket. I need to make up the difference of not having "any" brake backing plate or caliper mounting bracket in there. Thank you for all the input so far! Keep it coming!