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WTB: Shackles! QUICK!

crazyjim said:
So I just realized, I've still only got my stock shackles for right now. I need to buy a set of 1" - 1.5" lift shackles, boomerangs hopefully? If not lemme know what you got. And Harry... I need 'em by friday.

One option..

or if you can find any in time your welcome to come take mine off my jeep for a few days. But we have to finagle a way to hold up the body, I think I have some 3-4ft jack stands though.
Thanks Robert, I just need something either to get me by until I can swap the AAL in there now with my uncles 1.5" RC shackles, or something that will work for me permanently.

I'll let ya know, but I probably won't be yanking them off your rig, I might roll a stock shackle for a couple days even?
atleast shackles are easy to swap out :) i'll let you know if the deal on my shackles fall through.