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WTB: Ford 8.8 rear with discs


NAXJA Forum User
I will be lifting my cherokee very soon. I ordered all of my parts today. I need to find an 8.8 rear axle with discs in good shape to put in the xj. I am looking for either a stock or built axle. A built one is preferred. Post up if you have them and also what gears they have. I need to buy an axle asap so hurry!!! I would prefer to buy locally (Michigan) but may travel in the midwest. I would prefer not to have one shipped but by all means post up what you have to offer.
I can usually find disc brake 8.8's around here (Chicago) w/ 3.73 gears and open diffs for $300...

Try www.car-parts.com for a '96 and up Explorer or send me $300 and I'll get you one...