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Who can do a stroker rebuild in CO?


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Colorado Springs
Hey fellow Colorado XJers. It’s time my 4.0 got some serious TLC and some beefing up. I’ve had my 90 Laredo since 1994. It’s built up nicely for exploring the Colorado trails. However, the 4.0 is tired and stressed pulling all the extra weight of larger tires and armor, especially over the mountain passes. I plan to be buried in this thing. It’s been with me my entire adult life.

Anyone know of someone who can do a 4.0 Renix rebuild to a stroker? It’s not a daily driver and I can drive it anywhere need-be.

Thanks much!!!
I'm on my second rebuild on my 90 Laredo. The first was apparently bad machining by a reputable machine shop. The second was by a shop that rebuilds short blocks for racing and very expensive. They are in Peyton, CO but I don't have the name. The 2nd rebuild included over boring to a 4.1, milling the head to an 11 to 1 compression ratio, the head is a mildly ported HO head, the cam is from Hesco, the throttle body is bored which made the 2.5-inch exhaust from the headers on back work. It's on 35's, full roll cage and a lot of other extra steel. It's a stick and 4.11's. It hauls ass. I got the Hesco water pump, and it barely gets warm with a cheap two row aluminum radiator. Uses no oil and has no leaks. Just has a bad electrical system that I'm working on. I've read very little good about strokers over the years. I'll also die having this Jeep, and I'm sure I'm closer than you. :) Won't bury the Jeep, though, my BMW freak son likes it.:cheers: