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FS 1993 4 door 4.0 auto - $2500


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- Overall mechanical: 6/10
- Overall exterior: 5/10
- Overall interior: 6/10

( ( Photos this afternoon ) ) - Reluctantly going on Crazedlist once photos are taken

Reasons you may want this XJ:
- It runs. All day, every day (it’s my DD/only vehicle)
- Passes Jefferson County emissions
- You could street it all week then drive straight to the trail on the weekend and everything that should work, does
- Never overheated while I’ve owned it
- 4.5 inch lift (with saggy leafs, see below)
- Dana 4.56 gears (plus bearings & outer seals) installed Spring 2016 by Colorado Axle & Gear (D30/D35, open/open)
- You think money is overrated
- You like guessing which Jeeps will wave to you other than lifted XJs
- Parts? See “Bonus Parts” below

Reasons you probably don't want this XJ:
- Occasional grinding noise starting on cold mornings
Minimum fix: starter? flex plate?
- Axle side track bar mount slightly wallowed (~1/16-1/8"?)
Minimum fix: weld grade 8 washer probably
- Lifter tap. All day, every day (been that way since I got it)
Minimum fix: nada
- The 4.0 HO engine is a transplanted/rebuilt unit with indeterminate miles (probably under 200k tho’ the same probably can’t be said about the body; the odo is a replacement when the speedo stopped working; I have the old one but who knows if that’s original…)
- Driver lower rear quarter rusted out (below typical cut 'n' fold)
Minimum fix: do cut w/o fold and weld in donor material
- Assorted minor body damage, none major (some of which existed from POs and I could not explain…)
- Lift components (aside from shocks) need replacement, front springs ride like sh!t (seriously, the front sway bar has been disconnected for months and you can barely tell) and rear leafs are sagging 1+ inch
Minimum fix: front springs and rear leafs; has shackle relocation but may as well start fresh
- Needs SYE (+rear drive shaft), I’ve run it all over w/o it but if you freshen the lift, you should probably do this
- Driver axle side sway bar link bracket is slightly bent from small rock hit
Minimum fix: bend back or replace with aftermarket weld-in kit
- E-brake is mostly useless as-is (but see Bonus Parts below)
- A/C doesn’t blow cold and is still R-12 but it has the vent windows that angle back towards you…
- Cruise control technically works but the plastic part at throttle body broke 2 years ago (there are generic fixit kits, I think)
- The front passenger power window/door lock switches are currently held in place by zip ties (and very well, if I do say so, just haven’t made it to the PnP since the mount broke earlier this month)
- The driver seat is getting pretty beat upon the outer edge but I’ve got a couple seat covers laying around from the PO
- I don’t wash or vacuum it religiously during the nice part of the year unless there was heavy mud on a trail because what’s the point and who has time for that, besides pine needles are a natural air freshener
- It won’t win any beauty contests
- You’ve never owned an XJ, don’t want an ongoing project, and like having cash

March 2015:
- Durango steering box
- C-rok steering box inner spacer plate and outer frame stiffener <— Needs a rattle can treatment - in haste, I forgot after fitting it
- Biltein 5100s
- OEM spec radiator
- Power steering pump/reservoir
- Power steering cooler (“mini radiator” style mounted out front, not the little inline type under the hood)
- Exhaust manifold - “revised” OEM spec with baffles (?) to prevent cracking
- Driver side engine mount (yes, just driver’s side but see Bonus Parts below for other side)
- Tranny pan gasket
- Windshield w/97+ gasket technique (and still crack free)
- Steering stabilizer
- YJ soft brake lines
- Front calipers and pads (pads are about half worn now)

Stuff newer than that:
- Driver door hinge (paid a lot/too much to have a body shop fix the typical XJ front hinge issue so it’s beefy as hell but not factory aligned (there is weatherstripping on the door to form a decent seal and I’ll include the remainder among all the spares/bonus parts)
- 31x10.5 Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs x5 (rear pair are less than a month old, front pair and matching spare are less than year old)
- 15” steelies x5
- RE HD adjustable trackbar, bracket, and cross brace
- ZJ tie rod
- Painless-brand headlight harness and headlamp housing/bulbs to the more modern stuff so you can actually see the road
- Tranny mount at lower cross member
- Starter (Napa new stock)
- Distributor, cap, rotor, wires, plugs
- Rear main seal and oil pan gasket
- Sway bar bushings (oh, the irony…)
- An oxygen sensor (smells like it runs rich but MPG is not abnormal for age/tire size: ~14/16 city/hwy)
- Fresh cut key-to-lock by professional locksmith (not re-keyed, just no more worn out copies of worn out copies)

- Safari rack with integrated spare tire mount (apparently handmade by someone reputable in CO, but I dunno, it works)
- The rack and the body have been rattle canned but could always use more
- Includes CB and big ol’ Firestik on HD spring on driver front fender mount
- Radio w/aux input that sounds pretty good (PO had just installed new speakers)
- Seems like the power driver seat largely functions as intended
- The heater works
- All the power windows work
- Some power locks work: some will lock, some will unlock (all doors lock and unlock manually)
- All seatbelts present and accounted for
- Headliner is good, no sagging, no big holes or tears
- All exterior lighting good
- Most interior lighting good (overheads, maps, gauges, shifter, most trim work; HVAC backlight comes and goes)
- Some cracks/chunks missing in dash, dash panel has crack in middle from removal, dash panel clips are weak/worn so while it stays in place it isn’t firmly so)
- Tilt steering works
- All wipers works (including intermittent) and front washers work, gave up on keeping the rear washer connected (will squirt the car behind you though…)
- Hatch interior trim piece is not installed and needs to be jerry-rigged/drilled to stay
- Never had death wobble

Bonus parts:
- Brand new RE LCA drop brackets AND braces, in boxes/never installed
- Brand new BDS quick disconnect sway bar links, in boxes/never installed
- Brand new YJ long e-brake cables, in boxes/never installed
- Brand new engine mount for passenger side, in box/never installed
- Brand new Fuel filter, in box/never installed
- Gently-used JKS LCAs, purchased April 2016 from NAXJA user notamos, never installed
- Small collection of interior trim bits from PnP, in a box

Things you might have questions about that I don’t have answers for:
- Exhaust system past headers/catalytic converter (like I said
- The mirror housings are different colors (chrome and black) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My boys and I have been all over the foothills and mountains year round. She’s gone to Moab, done some (easy) trails, and gotten home with no issues, including all the mountain passes and cruising “85” MPH on the (flat) interstate in UT (and that was on 33x12.5s). She’s done a few moderate CO trails like a champ (Middle St Vrain, Coney Flats, Half Moon Creek.)

Look, when I bought this in May 2013, I had a 2-car heated garage and free time on weekends. Now I’m a single dad living in a small apartment with alimony payments. If I had the time, money, space, and patience to “finish” everything myself, I wouldn’t sell her. Anyway I’m going to assume you know what you’re getting (into) by now but let me know if you have any questions.
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- Has ABS but pump relay taken out when pump started acting up after finishing a trail a few months ago; maybe wheel speed sensor gummed up in deep water crossing?
Did you sell this yet? have a link to the Craigslist Ad with pictures?
- Have 2 (of 3?) new A/C hoses + new, sealed filter drier + variety pack of r-134 safe o-rings