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whining noise from front end at speed.


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Oceanside, CA
When I go about 35mph I start getting a humming/whining noise that is pretty loud. It seems to come from the front end but impossible to tell since I have to go 35mph+. The faster I go the louder it gets. Now, if I am getting off the highway and I turn left while still going fast the noise goes away.

My dad has a cherokee and we both have BGF all-terrain KOs and his ran down. He said he had a whining noise from the tires once they started wearing because of the side lugs. Should I be worried?

I've tried testing my bearings in the front end by trying to pry up on the tires using leverage when it is jacked up. I've also tried moving them up and down and I didn't get any noticible play.

Any ideas? Thanks

1991 cherokee
well where to start...................do you have another set of tires you could swap on for a test drive?? if not increase the air pressure to lessen the rolling resistance of the tire (try about 45psi-that should get the side lugs up away from the pavement), give that a try, it could be a bearing going, an incorrect mating patter between the pinion and ring gear...........could be lots of thing, but try the simple stuff first, air up those tires and see what happens
But be sure to bring them back to normal pressure after your test because you don't want to run around at the wrong inflation for too long...Bad juju...
If switching tires does not solve the problem, I would suggest checking the hub bearings more closely. You really need to remove them to see if they rotate smoothly, with absolutely no rough spots. I had one go bad at 38,000 miles. It was tight when tested with the traditional jack-it-up and grab the the wheel at noon and 6 PM method. It sure made noise at speed.
ok, well I think I figured it out. I got an alignment done and the noise is 90% gone driving straight but now I get the whine when I turn at higher than 45mph speeds. Pretty much, it's the tires. Thanks for the tips guys.