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Which one first?


Take a look at the Hidden hitch instructions it explains what you need to do. Just click on this link and it will come up: http://www.hiddenhitch.com/images/products/instructions/87591.pdf

Also If you plan to install the hitch you will have to buy some 12 mm bolts to thread into the nutrails you have on your XJ. If you buy the hitch make sure to ask them to give you 12 mm bolts not 1/2" bolts.

GSequoia said:
Receiver goes on first, then skid.

Nope. That's true for Sequoia, but he has an old style XJ. On the 97 and newer models the skid plate goes up first, then the hitch (at least, that's the way mine came from the factory).
My 97 also came with skid plate 1st. then hitch.
Also on my 99. I just put my skid plate on a couple of weeks ago. Note that the nut plate is already installed on the passenger side to hold up the tail pipe holder. so you'll only have to buy the "sill reinforcement plate" for the drivers side. Must take the rear bumper off to install nut plate but that only takes a half hour or so. The skid goes first, then the tail pipe holder on pass side then the hitch over all that. The middle mount hole for my hitch was not drilled in the skid plate. The nut plate had a nut there so i just drilled that hole before i started the install. You end up with 4 bolts on each side, three through the hitch and one toward the front of the skid on each side. Good luck.
my 98 i have the hitch now do i have to take if off to put a skid plate on?
2offroad said:
my 98 i have the hitch now do i have to take if off to put a skid plate on?