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Which is better electric fan or 3 row radiator


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Russellville, AR
I am looking to help the cooling out on my cherokee. I have already installed a new 180 degree thermostat. I was wondering what would be the best step to take next, a Flex-a-Lite electric fan or a new 3 row radiator. Right now, the Cherokee runs about 185-190 on the road and might reach 200 in heavy traffic. My concern is because on the trail while crawling in low range it goes past 210. I just want to know what your opinion is on what would work best in this situation, an electric fan or a 3 row radiator.

I'll second the radiator.

Also-- put in a 95+ air conditioning fan, the flexalite fan you mentioned, and make sure to do the open conversion to your cooling system. Your cooling problems will be OVER.

Note for those replacing water pumps: ALWAYS compare the impeller on the one you took off your vehicle and the new one. A lot of WP's are mispackaged and have the reverse of what you need <ie: reverse rotation when you need standard>. This will give you fits!!