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where to get a 97 - 2001 grill assembly?

trekfuel80 said:
im looking for a new 97-01 grill assembly, and id like to price them online before i try the dealer ship, can anyone tell me a web site that sells them. thx.

quadratec should have them, but they will be aftermarket and I'm not sure of the FIT quailty.
hey try daveys jeep parts in ohio, i have his number around here somewhere, he has everything...someone around here should have his number if i cant find it....i'll be back in contact soon....
oh and i think the technical term for hat you are looking for is "Front Clip"

edit: found it, if i didn't copy this right he is in the old classifed adds in the vendors forum as egypt1,
Daveys Jeeps
Salem Ohio
[email protected]
email for prices and qoutes...
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trekfuel80 said:
i might not be wording this right but i want the entire assembly, surround, whatever. like the part that says JEEP on it, the headlight assembly. thx though.
The part with the word "JEEP" on it is called the header. However, it doesn't include the headlight assembly. Those are separate, and you need one for each side (they aren't the same).