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Where do you go for AXLES, and also for DOM tubing and Heims


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I normally go to one of the Pick n Pulls, but they want $175 for a d30 in pretty bad shape. I keep hearing you can pick up stock axles for between $50 and $100. Where?

Also, where do you guys go to get DOM tubing, weld in threaded inserts, and heims? I am going to do a cross-over steering setup soon.

I am located in Auburn (about 60 miles NE of Sac.) so places close to the Roseville side of Sac are best, but I am willing to drive farther if it is for good deals.

I got my stuff (heims, inserts, spacers) from Tony at www.rockequipment.com He is located in lincoln, tell him that I sent ya, he'll get you a good deal. DOM I got in Sacto at ABC Supply, they are the only ones that I found. Tony also can cut you DOM to your specs. ABC charged $4.50 a foot for 1.25 .250 wall.

Are you looking for spare axle shafts for a D30? These are pretty common. PNP has half off days about once a quarter, but PNPs in Nor Cal are heavily trafficked by wheelers. Good luck finding D44 shafts, maybe some D30 shafts. I picked up two sets of TJ axles in that past year (297 ujoints, non-disco) for around $160-200 a set. The $200 set even had the hubs. A lot of TJ guys are going to 44s or 60s, or are doing a hub conversion with warn axles. Monitor JU, Pirate4x4.com and NAXJA for sale boards and when you see some axle shafts for sale, move quickly.

Drivetrain direct and Drivetrain Warehouse (part of 4WPW) sells new spicer assys for about 100-130 per side (inner, outer, ujoint).

hope this helps,

I have went to QA1.com for the heims, they are a good deal and have a lot to choose from. I get my DOM from Modesto Steel because I live here, I am not sure how much it really is though. Do what Sean says about the shaftes, they are around just keep looking, when you want it you cant find it and when you buy it, it is all over the place.


I'm in Foresthill, and come through Auburn every day, if you ever want to have a beer.

Well, I appreciate the offer but I'm only 18. What color and size lift/tires do you have? Maybe I'll see you around. I have a red '88 on 4" and 31s with a Surco rack, but that is officially for sale now and I am getting an MJ that will soon be SOA on 33s.
I don't know how much lift, maybe 7 inches, thirty fives, red, rack, long arms, tomken bumpers, ramsey winch, d-44 front axle.

Hard to miss!