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Wheels and tires with 4.5" lift


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Gresham oregon
Hey guys, I plan on putting 4.5 inches of lift on my 87 Cherokee as soon as I get the money but I still haven't made up my mind on wheels and tires. I went to Les Schwab tire dealer today and got a price for 4 BFG MT's, it was $690.00 for tires, balanced, and mounted. I asked the guy if I could fit them on my stock rims and he says he wouldn't but I wanted to know what you guys thought. My stock rims are 15x7.Would they fit and would there be any problems? Thanks
You didnt say what tires your refering too????
Well they will fit on the rims with no problem,but your going to rub on the inside pretty good.
I just got some 32x11.50's BFG/MT's yesterday at Costco for $614 OTD (mount, balance, road hazard, zadda-zadda..), on 15x7's (4.5"BS). The new tire manager was really cool about it too because he mounted those tires on the rims. Last time they wouldn't mount 30's because "they were not stock OEM size", and the old manager spouted something about insurance liability and other such nonsense. I had to bring in loose wheels...what a hassle. Because of that, I couldn't get the road hazard even though it was included in their price :rolleyes: . At least I never needed to use it...

Anyway... the new tire manager just made sure I had enough lift & clearance so as not to damage the tires on fenders, and he had no problem installing them. At least I was able to get road hazard now this time around.... and drive out of Costco with them installed....

I've been running 32x11.5's on stock rims for almost a year now with very little rubbing at full lock.

The rubbing mentioned above is where your tire rubs the lower control arms when the steering wheel is turned hard. On stock LCA's it is much more noticeable because of the lip on them (aftermarket are usually round)

This can be remedied some by adjusting your steering stops so your wheels won't turn so far.

It's a 92, and I've run both the stock 6 spoke steelies and the Aluminum "wire" wheels. The tires are Uniroyal MT's.
lostcreek21 said:
Ivan, do the tires look good on the stock rims and what style are they? Mine are the wheels with 10 spokes and they kind of curve back. thanks

The wheels are your garden variety type AR 767 with 4.5" BS. Pretty much look like all the rest that are out there :)