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Wheel House replacement


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I am looking for some guidance to replace the Wheel house panel on my '89 (i believe that is the correct term, please correct me if not). Unfortunately rust went unnoticed under the battery tray when purchased vehicle due to being hidden under the tray and inner fender plastic.

Does any one have any direction to find the panel, i know junk yard find is an option. Really looking for a source for OEM/ Reman option. My last ditch effort will be to make a panel to replace bad metal but i would like to replace the whole panel.

Thanks in advance.
Aftermarket repair panels are mostly limited to rear quarter panels, rocker panels, floor pans, and door bottoms.

In TX, pretty much every XJ Cherokee should be mostly rust free. I bought that section for a wreck repair, I think it was $125 at the local junkyard.

Have you seen this ? >> T&M Metal Fab battery tray or air box reinforcement plate
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thank you for the response.

i have not seen those T&M plates. That is a good option. most of the rust is in that section too.