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What needs to be fixed on this d35? (pics+vid)


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Albuquerque, NM
This is for my brother's 89 YJ d35 rear...

He's been hearing some low-pitch grumbling from the rear so we pop it open to check it out. The teeth on all the gears look good but we find some metal at the bottom. It looks like some seal or shim behind the right spider gear in the diff is broken (see pic). Also, there is a ton of side to side play (1/4"-3/8") in the diff (see vid). Based on searching here it looks like the diff bearings need to be replaced. But what about that metal ring? Since it seems people are trying to give away their d35s, is the best bet just to replace the whole diff?


Video of slop in diff (.avi)

well the thrust washer is what's popping out in the pic, they are about a dollar a piece, and relatively easy to replace, but now that the vid finally loaded I'd say you need some new bearings too. not looking too good how ever. a master rebuild kit runs about 75 bucks, but setting up the gears is what's gonna cost ya. I'd say that the pinion teeth might be shot with that much movement in the carrier. Fleet Pride if you have one around you could rebuild it for about 200, if you supply the needed parts.... just a thought...
I just finished replacing the diff, bearings, and seals the other day. I should post pictures of the carrier bearing races/rollers. I couldn't believe how bad of shape they were in. I found a complete diff for cheap, so I decided just to replace the whole thing after spending a few minutes on a large arbour press with no luck getting that retaining pin out.