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What I learned at SierraFest 2019


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Reno, Nevada
1. Chapstick for the win.
2. Drinking a little brake fluid won't kill you, at least not in the first three days.
3. Lou builds good roll cages, but maybe his daughter should do the driving.
4. Patagonia Milestar tires might not suck.
5. A girl showed us all whose boss on the hard line at slick rock, despite having old-school MTR's.
6. Columbus is still Columbus.
7. Alan (Amanda's dad) is bringing his XJ to Reno Run 2020.
8. Remember to bring cold weather sleeping bags to Hermit Valley.
9. Rear bumpers are over-rated.
10. NAXJA's Sierra Chapter is alive and well. Thanks everyone, and especially thank you to the BOD, Alan, and Paige for taking photos.
1.I was only running these milestars at 15psi too. I can imagine at 7-9psi they would hook up even more
2.Deer valley is funner than I remember and Grover hot springs rocks
3.Ready Welders are a must have with a large group
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