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What can we do better?


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Obviously Winterfest in the middle of a global pandemic was quite the event to plan. We still tried to do many of the same things that we had done in the past, but we did change a few things along the way.

What did you like?

What did you not like?

What would you like to see different?

How did you like the members raffle being virtual (no tickets)?

What else?

This thread will be looked at by the planners for next year to do things better.

mac 'thanks for your thoughts' gyvr
It looked like it ran smoothly. As far as I can tell.

I liked the itinerary on the name tag, that made it really easy to look at it.

I wasn't a fan of the virtual raffle. Not having that ticket in hand just wasn't the same.

But there was beer in the raffle and bacon passed around the fire so what more could you ask for.
For the member's raffle it's one ticket per member, makes sense to do it electronically. But the general raffle prizes, there's something to be said for having piles of tickets to rifle through looking for your number. Winterfest, and the banquet specifically, isn't so much about time management but socializing and drinking beers with your friends and helping the drunk guy next to you find his number. Sometimes the easiest way is not the best way. If this means we need people to count out raffle tickets and help the selling of actual tickets go smoothly, count me in for the next several years to come.
I also know the BOD spent a lot of time setting up the virtual raffle and it should not go unnoticed!
It was an awesome event and I really have no complaints at all.
I will admit I missed the Blue members ticket, there is something about having that "special ticket" in hand that the virtual draw doesn't have. But it's such a minor thing I don't mind if it stays virtual for the ease of the b.o.d.
I will preface my comments by saying that I'm a complete n00b to NAXJA and the 4-wheel off-roading world in general. I bought my first Jeep (XJ) late last year and joined NAXJA at the same time and did not know anybody in the org at the time. I came in on Saturday with the fam to "observe" but was not an officially registered participant and did not run any of the trails, so please read any of my comments through that lens, as I realize they are probably not applicable to a majority of WF participants. :)

1) What I really liked and appreciated is that the organizers were very responsive to my questions and PM's ahead of the event, and the few members I did interact with on Saturday were friendly, helpful, and welcoming.

2) Being [completely] new, I had a lot of questions, many of which I did not even bother to ask because I wanted to be respectful of everyone's time, and I just thought I'd figure it out when I got to the event. Between reading WF2021 info, past WF threads, the Badlands website, and talking to people the day of the event, I was able to manage okay. I'm not sure how many "first timers" - either new to the WF event or new to off-roading in general - are generally at each WF, but I wonder if a "New to Winterfest" thread, FAQ, or 1-hr "Zoom" call ahead of an event might be a good way to get typical info in front of "new" people (e.g. where to go when you arrive (with map/pictures, lol), what to expect, how a typical day/night/event generally goes down, etc.). If there are generally not many new people, then maybe it's not worth the effort, but if you guys (organizers) are constantly fielding similar basic questions from people, maybe there's a more efficient way to utilize your time when answering said questions?

I will say, having now been to the event once, I'll have a lot fewer questions on logistics next time, and I'm looking forward to participating in more of the activities next year! :)