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What can we do better?

Had a great time Got to Wheel in a great place with a bunch of great people . Anything beyond that was just icing on the cake, Great Job by everyone who had anything to do with it.
Although we were only there for a few days and didn't participate in any trail runs, we enjoyed the Friday dinner (except for the churros:twak:), and really enjoyed seeing our MWC friends Thursday night,

I can't see how anyone who wasn't deeply involved with the planning could have any complaints. Mcdonalds burgers are pretty much my least favorite food, but I remember being served a half charred, half raw, on site grilled burger at one of the previous events and would definitely prefer McDs over that.
I love the flashlights, wish I had one Thursday night when I was replacing my CPS in the hotel parking lot, would have fit in that space much better than my Makita 18 volt unit.

Finally, given all the hoops that seemed to be neccesary to jump through for this event,wondering if Sand Hollow might not be worth considering for the next time
I can only ask that you find a way to lower fuel cost across the nation...
Seriously though, the event was seamless imo. I only did a NAXJA run 1/3 days there but that one was great. Folks jumping out to spot meant I went everywhere I tried to. I loved that we could meet up everyday after the trail and crack a few.

As far as food, I only wonder if potluck style would require as much hassle as what was explained? Maybe something for future planner to look into. Not that I had a problem with McD, I actually planned on going out to eat that night but we hung out there instead.

It would be cool(probably has plenty of restrictions of its own) to figure out if an after banquet dinner party, like WFs post dinner fire, is possible? I know there is a few more complications with Moab vs Attica but could be worth exploring. Finalizing a trip with the huge circle of folks around a fire is always a good time.

Overall, I am glad the wife peer-pressured me into going(not sure I ever had a choice)