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What can cause light steering feel?


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As the title asks, what can cause the steering to feel feather light? I just bought an '01 lifted 4.5" on 33s. I just replaced both tie rod ends and the drag link end at the pitman arm. Ball joints are good. Everything else seems right and tight. It came with an RC N2.0 dual steering stabilizer (I understand there's no real benefit to a dual setup but hey, it was already installed).

The steering is incredibly light. Like, steer it with one of your pinkies light. I like my steering on the heavier side so little steering inputs don't result in large body movements. Currently no death wobble or odd vibrations. I may try pulling the stabilizers and ensure the steering is good without them. Any ideas on the light steering?
I just checked my steering shaft. With the rig off I can turn it maybe 1/8 of a turn. There doesn't seem to be any play in the u-joint. My sway bar has a very. Small amount of play even though bushings look pretty good.
Another interesting development... Jacked up the front end and realized I have some side-by-side play on my driver side wheel. Looks like the new tie rod end is loose even though it's torqued to spec.....
I'm taking it to an axle shop tomorrow for a proper alignment. I figure they'll tell me everything that's wrong with it. But the super light steering really threw me off
Probly has very little positive castor

I'd check to see if arms are adjustable if they are are they already maxed out to the positive side. 4.5" is alot of lift the set up may not be able to bring castor where it needs to be. Minumum 4deg positive ideal 7. 7 will track straighter and make steering feel heavier. Magically making those stabalizers work.

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I've got the same lift kit, and he probably has a D30LP like me. I was able to hit 4.5 deg of caster while keeping the front pinion angle to around 4 deg. This is well within the range of adjustment of the lift kit. The rear of my XJ is a bit high right now. If I lower it about 0.5", then caster would increase slightly to 4.75 deg. Anyhow, steering feel is fine at 4.5 deg of caster. Its not super light, but not feeling like manual steering either.

Assuming there is nothing loose that causes a huge dead spot, will be interesting to see the OPs alignment numbers. As others have suggested caster and/or toe are a good bet.
So the shop wouldn't align it because they believe my steering gear is shot. My steering is so light that when you spin the wheel it tends to keep spinning towards lock. So that sucks. I'm looking at Red Head steering boxes now
I tried the last ditch effort of adjusting my steering box with the set screw. Did small increments about four times. Definitely felt a bit tighter but steering wheel will still spin towards lock. The gear also starting oozing PS fluid at the set screw though there were no other signs that it was too tight. So I backed it off a bit and called it a day. Likely going to have to order a new gear box
Who knows. I'm just hoping a new gear box will be the remedy. I'm going to do the Durango box upgrade. Now I just need to find the best place to get one from
Hey guys..came across this site and seems like u guys know your stuff. Can someone tell me how to post...lol trying to get the overhead console display working but it's missing a resistor or something...