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what brand ball joints and hub assemblies?


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Manchester, NH
after readign a few articles on ball joints and hub assemblies i think with the help of a few friends from work that i will be able to do the repair myself and not spend the huge cash on it. i can get a dealership discount and i was wondering what brand or store i should buy them form. i am planning on finding a new job and i want to buy them with my discount before i leave the delaership. and i am goign to pick up a catalytic converter too if i can.

what brand ball joints should i get?

i already did the hubs on my g/f's xja nd my old xj, so i know how to do them. i only got the sanel parts brand hubs before b/c it was all i could afford but when i do the hubs in my new 95 xj i was thinking i should get the more expensive ones.

I've had better luck with Timken bearing than the SK(A) brand.