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Want your XJ in pictures?!


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Lawrenceburg, TN
I thought that would get "some" attention. We are going to be putting on a multimedia slide show Friday night at the program and I need to get some pix during the week to show off our activities.
Also I am covering the event and writing an article for "Four Wheeler" magazine. I got the official letter today.
So...if you are going to be in Moab early (Sunday and Monday) before the event, I need some "models" to pose on Hell's Revenge and also Golden Spike out to the Crack. The most photogenic stuff is Hell's Gate, the two Hot Tubs and Escalator, Golden Crack, Double Whammy, Golden Stairs to name the most popular. It would be nice to get some of the more adventurous to do the other Hot Tub and also Double Whammy.
Anybody interested and going to be in Moab early...then I need to take your pictures. It's really hard during the week's activities to get around to all the hot spots. I figure to get some good shots early and not have to work so hard during the event. If you are interested then I'll be in Slickrock Campground starting Saturday evening the 4th of October. I want to start out bright and early on sunday.
Thanks and I appreciate your help. Danno
Deb & I are planning on being at Slickrock on Sunday evening.

Do you want/need another slide projector? Or reels?

Jeff, I think that Dan Wheeler is bringing a couple to use for the show and I'm bringing mine as a backup. If however, it doesn't work out with him then I'll be asking you to bring yours. Thanks!!

Sean, only if you bring your mama! She's a great lady! Danno
Oh, Oh , Oh, Pick me, Pick me for Double Whammy :D
I had soooo much fun there last year :rolleyes:

Dan, the Mrs and I will be there Sunday night as well.

Z turn on Moab rim is a good one to.


All those guys getting there by Sunday evening. Well, early XJ's get the worm. :) Danno, since I'll be there from the 29th of September, if you need a moderate truck to fill out your Sunday shoot schedule - RED will be available.

55 days.

Mike in NJ :patriot:
SeanR, he has you confuse with me. You see my name is Sean Rose.......

I'll ham it up a little on Mon. It's all about the glory anyhow :D We're running Rd. 21 on Sun, be in Moab that evening.
I plan to be up there Sat the 4th. Should pull into town around 5ish.

I'll be up for a run Sunday and/or Monday.
Oh man, C-Rok's gonna be there?!?!

Well, there goes my chance of gettin' some magazine time! ;)

C-Rok, do ya think you could just keep that sweet rig of your's dirty and at the back of the line so that others might have a chance?:D

All kidding aside, if any of you haven't seen C-Rok, it's gotta be the sweetest XJ in existence! I can't wait to see it in person!

Hey Danno, Shari and I will be getting into town Sunday night with OneTon's group, so if you want to get some "color" mixed in with all those red or white rigs, lemme know where the shoot will be on Monday and we'll represent for the YELLOW hue!!!! :D

Can't wait!

From the looks of your guys rigs here, I think I'll be in pretty tight company but I appreciate the compliment just the same.

I only wash it about twice a year. It's a beautiful thing this Arizona climate:D .... but rest assured I'll at least roll into Moab with a good shine on.

Very much looking forward to meeting all of you there.
Troy, Mike, C-ROK, etc.

We could do Hell's Revenge in the morning and then do golden spike out to the crack in earlier afternoon. If we husstle it would work. We don't have to take long running HR as we could go staight to Hell's Gate and the Hot Tubs. And then go out to Doublr Whammy and Golden Crack. What you think?
Yes Danno, I'll be bringing my slide projectors as well as the media equiptment to make this a show to out do any past shows. Good idea to bring yours for back up, you use Kodak machines?

Like Scott Mac mentioned, we'll be in Sunday sometime, the only reason I've kept living this long was the hope to be shot and published, if you wait for me I might put her on her roof for some good action shots, you've got a motor drive on your camera don't you. If not I do and you can use mine. :)