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walmart welder...


nobody of any consequence
i am going to be getting into some rocker replacement soon and rather than pay a shop to do it i was thinkin maybe i'd just buy a cheap unit for myself for about the same cost... heres the question..
walmart has a "wire-feed" welder on the shelf for $269... it is NOT a mig, but it says it has a conversion kit with it to make it a mig.. like a gas valve and some other stuff...
what do you think i'll need besides a gas bottle? and how much do you think that will run? how long/how much use would a bottle give.. i'm will be a self taught welder so i will have to play a lot to get it right but that will be the fun part.. sound like a deal or a PIA to you? if my total $$ is under 400 i would probably do it..
thanks guys.
DO NOT BUY THAT POS!!!!! I made the mistake before! I bought it thinking "well,it will be a start,and I can learn to weld with it and then move up to a better one later." Boy was I wrong! I *never*,not even once,laid a bead with that welder that I was happy with. I sold it about a year later and went to Lowe's and bought a Lincoln Pro Mig 135. It was around $450,but at the time,they were offering a $50 rebate,so,my total expense was $400,and it comes with the gas conversion kit,too,so all you need to do is go out and rent or buy a bottle for it. That is a great welder!

A few months ago,I went over to a friend's house one day that was having some trouble welding and was looking for some pointers. He had went out and bought one of the welders you're talking about. I thought to myself,"maybe I was just inexperienced then,maybe I can weld with one of these now." WRONG! I still wasn't happy with it. I don't know how to explain it other than,it just doesn't feel right when you weld with it,like you're not getting any penitration into the metal at all.

My advice,just spend the extra bucks and get a good welder. You will never think twice about how much you spent on a good tool when you use it,but you will be reminded of "what a bargain it was" with a cheap tool every time :eek:
thanks alot mike.... i do believe in "do it once" even when its a purchase.. i was kinda thinkin along those lines but i wanted to bounce it off of you guys as well... i dont need it right now , but i will as soon as i get my POS 87 laredo started... if it dont start i aint doin body work.. im off to find a fuel pressure tester today....
the best thing about having a project truck (or 3) is all the new tools i get...
thanx alot