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Uwharrie this Sunday?


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NC Sandhills
Thinking of a trailride Sunday...

I'll be at the Eldorado Outpost, 9:30-10 in the little camo tank

Hopefully it'll do me proud on it's first adventure since lifting it.

Anyone else interested, come on out!
i get out of jail at 06:00 3 hours sleep, 1 hour travel time. there at 10:00
i was there 9:20 till 10:20 where was you.
met up with motorman, wheeled rocky mount and slab pile, it was slick as "add your own". but was fun!
Must have just missed you guys...I ran into Keith and his buddy maybe 10 min after you split off.

I ran Dickey Bell, Falls Dam, and up Dutch John hill (met Keith & Mike as they were turning off Slab Pile to go down) then ran up Rocky Mount.

Ran across some kids from Charlotte in a newer XJ kinda stuck backed into one of those handy turn-out/muck traps, got out to assess the tug and saw my RF tire unbeaded and halfway off the wheel :eek: (I hit a rock over there pretty hard not far before stopping) Ah well, backed up to a safe spot, tossed on the spare, and then tugged the guy out of the mire.

A plus was that it rained so hard on the way home, there wasn't much mud left to hose off...other than the flat. No saving that combo. wheel is bent and the tire has a good gash in the sidewall. Why it couldn't have happened to one of the half-bald ones :dunno: incentive for 36" TSL and beadlocks I suppose.

All in all a fun adventure...
about 10 min. at the end of slab pile went out wolf's den and home. i had my 8 yearold with me see was scared that we would get stuck and wanted to go home. she hasn't went with me very many times so doesn't understand that sometimes you have to bang around to make it. do you want to try again this weekend. sat or sun is ok with me.
Been told that I better start movin junk this week & end or else.

Maybe after we get settled in to the new digs...