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uhwarrie sat 7/26 nite run


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Concord NC
i will be at flintlock ridge shooting range about 6pm sat, will make some noise for about a hour then hit the trails about 7:30 at wolf's den trail head (the last one on the main FS road). nite runs are fun. :D everybody who can please show up. post if you think you can make it and i will wait for you.
That sounds good to me...

I have been jonesin for some stick-time for a couple weeks

Come on out NC folks! :)
its on, i'll be there.:clap:
Still looking good for me and my wheelin buddy Joe(repeat Uwharrie & Tellico trail victim).

I may ride out a bit early and visit some other Jeepers from Sandhills Rockcrawlers (a local club) at the group camp, then meet up w/Mark at the top of Wolf Den or at the range UNLESS some others need us to meet at the Outpost.
Fun night ride

Mark (2Offroad) escaped from jail, so he and I hit a few trails last night. For a change it didn't rain :) and the Uwharrie clay soil was a perfect 'tacky' consistency.

We ran Slab Pile to Rocky Mount Loop, then headed over to the river road and went up Daniel. IIRC it was 1:45 when we pointed our Jeeps towards the barn.

No breakdowns or other snags...just 4-5 good hours of fun in 4 low. I am amazed how well my 'street' tires gripped, even at 30 psi. mark's rig did great as well.
Glad to here yall had fun. And I sorry I miss out I had to work sat and I didn't get off intill 5:00 it was harder to plan for me. But yall let me know week or two ahead I will be there. I sound like a broken record but when yall go again I also see my grandmother up there! WILL HOLLER!
my spring are shot sagging bad. OME this week.
called Tarheel 4X4 this am, pressing in the bushing now will pick up today and start tonite, hopefully no snags.
1 snag so far, top rear shock bolt snap, stopped still have one front bolt on spring to take out and the rear will be ready for new parts. and fix the bolt.
lift complete sets 4" higher in rear, 2.5'" in the front, i knew that the rear was sagging.

Woody, you should see the damage i got on Daniel, 3"gash in rock rail, 6" dent in frame rail, bent grill guard and bracket, tow hook hitting airdam, rear bumper bent at bottom. cool trail damage.
Just thought I'd jump in. Daniel is deceptively nasty at night in the rain after a six pack! I lost my back window and left rear light on a tree trying to avoid the two rocks at the top. Anyone find any decals on the trail mixed with privacy glass?