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Two mystery (to me) issues

Golden Nugget

NAXJA Forum User
Phoenix, AZ
Hi All, I'm seeking your help with two separate issues that are bedeviling me.

First up: a mystery rattle coming from the area of the driver footwell of my stick shift '87. It has over 140,000 miles and is still rocking the original Peugeot BA-10 transmission, which probably makes it eligible for some kind of award or something. It shifts... okay, all things considered, but I did recently have the clutch replaced after it was getting harder and harder to change gears. The new clutch is certainly an improvement, but now I have a rattle. I start to hear it around 30mph in third. It's more pronounced when pressing the accelerator but doesn't completely go away when coasting. And, strangest of all, it does go away the second I touch the clutch pedal. That is, I don't even have to really depress the pedal. Just resting my foot on it is enough to quiet the noise.

I suspected some kind of re-assembly issue with the recent clutch replacement and took it back to the shop but they are giving me the shoulder shrug and the blank stare (I'm not implying it's a bad shop; the owner is a knowledgeable guy and they mean well). They can hear the noise but they say they think it's coming from the transmission, which they want to pull out to investigate. It could very well be but before I let them go down that rabbit hole I wanted to see if perhaps anyone here recognizes the rattle and has a fix that doesn't include tearing the transmission apart.

The second problem is an easy one, I hope: the '87 has some electrical issues that are probably a bad ground but I've been unable to isolate the problem and fix it. First, the rear turn signals work but the front ones don't -and it's not the bulbs. Then, when I turn on the headlights, the left turn indicator in the instrument cluster comes on steady, although it will blink at a regular rate (i.e. not fast) when I signal a left turn. So far I've installed a Big 7 kit and re-located the instrument cluster ground to the screw near the hood release, but to no avail. I should mention that the instrument cluster is not original. I swapped out the giant fuel gauge one for the one with all the nifty gauges, which all work fine except for the voltmeter which reads like 9 volts. The battery is brand new and my volts are normal. Is there another ground I'm overlooking? Is there an obvious place where there might be a short?

Thank you all so much in advance for any information you might have. I sure do appreciate it!
I can't help with the rattle but for the wiring I would start with a wiring diagram for your year.
Have you ever changed the fluid in the transmission? Maybe some fresh fluid would help.

Just have to make sure you put something compatible in. Not having a stick myself, I'm not sure what that would be, but there's plenty of folks around here that should know what the good juice for a BA10/5 is...