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Tune CB Antenna at Tellico


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Central NC
Is there going to be anyone at Tellico that could bring the equipment to help me tune my CB antenna. My reception seems to be getting worse and I have been told to get my antenna/cable tuned.

If anyone has an RF gain meter, or whatever equipment and knowledge it would take to do that I would appreciate it.

If I need to get anything from Radio shack or anywhere before hand please let me know.
I bought an SWR meter last year shortly after tellico, but like everything else, it has dissappeared :confused: they only run like 15-20 dollars at radio shack. I'll help you tune it if you buy a swr meter or if i find mine in the next week in between my 60 hr work week schedule. :)
hmmm looks like the post i put a little while ago got deleted or something, i live in raleigh and could tune it for you one afternoon, ill send u a pm with my #

Don't think I will have time before my trip to stop by. I will try to call you once I get back. I will be out of town on business the week after so I won't be back until the 19th.

Thanks for the offer.