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Trying To Find Wiper Module


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Hi all,

Further to the subject, I've been trying to find the wiper module (the one that's supposed to be held in by velco under the dash on the driver's side), b/c my wipers have been working intermittently lately - and what with hurricane season upon us, I need to make sure that they are working reliably.

Anyway, I took a good look under there a few minutes ago, and on my '93 2 door sport, I couldn't find anything like it - any ideas what it should look like and/or where EXACTLY I should be looking to find it ? FWIW, the only thing that I could find (that resembled a description I found in a prev. search) was a plastic box seemingly bolted into a plate above the brake pedal, and a small clear box filled with a circuit board and LED tied to the steering column with cable ties - could that be it, or is that most likely an electronic cut off controller (I have an electronic cut off under my dash).

Any ideas would be great.

Thanks in advance.
It should be under the trim that runs the length of the interior, DIRECTLY under the steering column.

Palm size, black box.
Assuming that you have delay wipers on your vehicle, there is the possibility that a previous owner removed the module due to malfunction. If you plug the left plug to the right plug the wipers will operate in standard mode with no delay option. You may be looking for a plug connection with about 7 wires. Can't do any better on the location of the module its right where the others have directed you.

Ok guys, thanks - I'll check it out in the morning. FWIW, I do have variable speed intermittent wipers which seem to work like they should (intermittently) when they've been on for about 10 continuous minutes, although my slow constant speed doesn't work at all for some reason....

Anyway, thanks again, and I'll revert with an update soon.

Hi all,

Further to my prev. posts, I've had no luck in finding this damn module. I pulled up all the carpets in front of the driver's seat, pulled back the rubber padding under the accel/brake pedals and found nothing - just bear white floor boards and the black ring that surrounds the steering column where it goes through the floor/firewall. Admittedly, I just have a bunch of wires underneath my dash, and don't honestly know what wires go where, but there's definately no palm sized box anywhere under or around the d/s dash.

The strange thing is, my wipers do have a variable intermittent sweep (it only works after it's been on for about 10 minutes) and only the fast wiper speed - slow continual speed does not work - what could be controlling the variable speed ?

Is the module located in the engine bay, in line with the steering column ? Could anyone post a pic of what I should be looking for when trying to locate the wiper module ?

Thanks in advance guys - it's just gotten to the point now where I HAVE to find out where this module is, or what is controlling my wipers (when they are working)....

It's not under the carpet. I just pulled two of those things at a u-pull yard two weeks ago. It's under the dashboard, next to or attached to the steering column. Should be a black box roughly the size of a pocket box of wooden matches, with flat extensions on each end for the wire connections. The cable coming in and going out is a flat, ribbon style cable with 7 or 8 wires.

On the ones I grabbed, one side of the black box is the fuzzy half of velcro. Other people had been there ahead of me and these were hanging down in plain view, but I assume they were velcroed up near the steering column.
it says UTC auto on it (the manufactuer) and if cruise control is there its next to the bright yellow cruise control box
Here is a general idea of where to look

Like was said,if it ain't there it ain't there :laugh3:
Thanks so much guys for all of the replies - Casper, great pics - thanks again. It's pouring rain at my place at the moment, but I've got the day off today, so as soon as it stops I'll head out there and check it all out.