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trxus mt's bad treadwear???


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anyone have any experience with txus mt's? i just ordered a set of 35's to replace my new bfg mt's because i have heard nothing but horror stories about the bfg's on the extremely icy roads we get up here in canada. but i hope i'm not going to regret it. its not my daily driver but it does see about 70%road and 30%offroad(mud, deep snow, and sand). i know that the bfg's wear the best but i just seen a couple of threads where people said that the trxus mt's wear horribly fast and unevenly. and other people said that this is not true if you rotate them every oil change and keep your alignment nuts on. well, i don't have a problem with rotating them but i know that my alignment isn't perfect because the shop that did it said that they got it as good as they could but i would need angled ball joints to get it 100%. any thoughts?
you're gonna eat tires without balljoints if they are bad - oreilly auto has them for like 75 bucks each or somethin like that... they'll say they dont make them..but you have to make sure they look it up in the catalog. its there. go ahead and get them swapped before you put new tires on - the damage sets in fast.
My 33" Trxus were great in the snow and ice. After using them for about 12K miles i traded them to my roommate and he still is running them on his TJ. They probably have about 20k on them now and still have a decent amount of tread on them.

and plus if you already ordered them, does they're treadware really matter anymore? lol
true, i'm just trying to not kick myself in the ass and thought you guys could make me feel better be telling me that i made the right choice.:shhh:
For what it's worth, mine are the best snow tires I've ever run, and when I got rid of the 31's they had 30k on them and they had some tread left. I fully expect to get 40k out of my 33's.
I too live in Canada where we get more snow then summer and I had BFG Mt's on my rig for one winter and Trxxus MT's last winter and the Interco's were WAY better on the snow. Tire wear, I'd say they were both similar, but I think my Interco's are balanced better (big suprise there!) and they may have worn slightly better then my BFG's.
I loved my trxus mts in the snow...They even did really well in the ice, I was really impressed with them. I didnt really keep up with alignments or anything like I should have and I got 40k out of them. The front ones didn't look too good, even though I rotated them pretty regularly but if it wasnt for me being lazy, they would have lasted a lot longer. They seemed to do better than my brother's bfg's in pretty much everything, especially snow. If they made them in 32's for a 15" rim, I would've bought them again; instead I got bighorns.
Interco is CRAP!!!
What the alignment shop is telling you is that you need offset ball joint to get your caster properly set. Caster has no effect on tire wear, so as long as the ball joints are otherwise ok, you wont have any abnormal problem as far as wear. If your toe or camber is screwed, then you will see premature tirewear, as well as incorrect tire pressure, wheel size, and other things, but caster should not have much effect on tire wear. I have the Intercos TruXus as well. I bought them specifically for their great rating on the ice and snow.

he never said his caster was bad. (unless i didnt read it.. i think i've drank i bit to much for a thursday... haha) bad balljoints willl cause caster issues too....

edit: and, if he did, bad ball joints are tough to read on a alignment rack (i do alignments) so his camber will be changing as he drives. causing premature tire wear. regaurdless. if you get new ball joints, as long as your toe is ok, you shouldn't have any problems. let me know how they work out. my buddy just bought a set of 33's. here in mn. we get a good amount of ice too.....
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No he didnt per se, but when he said the alignment shop said it was good to go until he got offset ball joints, one has to assume they mean the caster angle, since that is the biggest problem when lifting a solid front axle vehicle. Like I told him "Assuming the ball joints are in otherwise good shape, there will not be any tire wear issues due to slightly incorrect caster" We are on the same page I think...?

yes. we are on the same page. i was over thinking the situation. i though he had bad ball joints, not that they were ok; just needs the ofsets for alignment issues. :looney:
Mine lasted about 3 years on 2 different vehicles. I drove on them until the cops pulled me over and gave ticket for bald tires; still did good in the mud though. I have never drove in snow but they are great on wet pavement.