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Transfer case shift fork pad question


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Mission, BC
Are the shift fork pads in the 231 the same as the 242?

I'm doing an SYE in my 231, and it's missing the center pad on the smaller fork. This case is being swapped into my 90 Limited which has a 242.

Just wondering if I can just open up my 242 and 'steal' the pads out of it and put them in my 231.

That was a great idea, outlander. So it turns out the part numbers for the pads on the smaller fork in both the 231 and 242 match: 83500994.

So that works for me! The part numbers are different for the ones on the larger fork, but I only need the little ones.

Thanks for the parts list link.
Can anybody tell me if I can replace these shift fork pads in a 242 with the TC in the vehicle? I had the main shaft out a year ago to install the TW SYE, but don't remember where the pads were located.
Yep, you can. Just did the TW SYE a few months ago with the TC in place and I had to be careful not to knock them off the forks when sliding the main shaft back in. Don't remember if you can sneak them in with the main shaft still in place, or if you will have to pull it out to get sufficient access. The TC can definitely stay mounted in the vehicle though.