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Transfer case lever bushing replacement Q

Techno Duck

NAXJA Forum User
Ive had the kit in my glovebox for over a year and a half now so i figure its a good time to replace it before the cold really kicks in :). Also i can finally remove the sunglass case wedged inbetween the x-fer case handle and console to stop the noise... :D. This is on my '00 Sport.

Anyhow it appears the bracket mounted on the body needs to be removed to replace the bushings. Am i correct in that i need to remove the center console so the carpet can be pulled far enough back to access the bolts on the inside of the trans tunnel? Just want to make sure before i start taking things apart.. ive looked at this link and wish the carpet was so easy to pull up on the Cherokee..

The body side mount doesn't need to come off. Eveything is done from underneath. Just remove the two screws holding the little plate against the bracket.