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traction bar help


NAXJA Forum User
Denver, CO
I'm almost done with my crossmember, so next is the traction bar. My plan so far is a johnny joint or RE joint on an inverted MJ shackle on the crossmember. My questions...1)How far of a spread should the two links on the axle end be? I hear with suspension links it should be 6+ inches, is this a safe guess on a traction bar. 2) heims or bushings at the axle end? Should there be some "give" for axle wrap with bushings, or just get it solid with the heims? 3) I guess this is opinion, but should I hang it a bit below the driveshaft to protect it, or tuck it up. The only materials I have lying around to make this should make it a beast, and figure it'll be better to land on that than the driveshaft. Thanks _nicko_