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Track Bar Broke


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I broke my track bar about umm.... 10 minutes ago! Im glad that i was able to make it home. I was wheeling w/ a friend in Proctor Valley (CA) and we were on our way out of the valley and there was a spot (right at the exit) where i USUALLY put it in 4WD to get out of because of the angle. I decided that i did not feel like creeping over it or putting it in 4WD so i gun it, I hear a snap and i say a few bad words because I knew what happened and i had close to no stearing. I ended up driving it home and everything is all good. I think that the track bar that is on there is for a 4.5" lift and there is a 6" lift on the Jeep. I ordered the 5"-6" Extreme Duty one from RE just now and the bracket that is required to use it. Does anyone know what track bar im talking about? Im kind of excited about it because i think that the track bar that was on there before was limiting articulation because it was not build for the lift that is on there (remember i bought the jeep how it is i did not build it) I would have done a better job. Im just pissed off about it though because i wanted to get a long arm kit or RE drop brackets and this just took all my money.... almost 300 bucks for the track bar and the drop braket/modification bracket. Ok i have been talking for like an hour now. Good thing that i can type like 80 words per minute... =) Am i going to have to get an allignment? My steering wheel was not Perfectly Straignt before i bought the jeep but im pretty sure that is because the axel was a little off center because of the short track bar. Ok thanks for any advice that yall can add. If im not to tired before work in the morning i'll take a picture of the broken a$$ track bar and show ya because it's still hanging on the Jeep! OK FYI it's not fun driving with out a track bar.:exclamati :exclamati :exclamati
proctor valley is no fun. plus 95% of the land is illegal to be on. i thought your the pic in your post about the handling a week ago looked familiar.
i used the re bracket and braced it. then i got the skyjkr track bar that has i heim and a poly bushing at oppsite ends. the poly bushing wore out quickly so i cut that end and tapped it for a heim. then i built a new axle mount and it limits no travel at all full flex.
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There are fun spots out in Proctor Valley but you are right 95% of the land is not legal to be on. I have gotten busted a couple times for being out there by the border patrol but they just tell me to leave and that's all. They dont really mind unless your an Illegal Mexican then im sure that they would care. The reason the trac bar broke is because it was only held in the upper heim joint by a couple threads. I will take some pictures of it now.