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Total Count So Far?

Well, about 30 have sent in registration information, and about 20 are pre-paid, so, going by last year's experience, I guess that we'd have about 35+ different rigs over the 3 days, with Saturday being the most heavily attended.

Between 12 - 18 have said they'd be there all three days. We have folks at all levels of interest: Basic, Moderate, Hardcore, and a few insane guys.

For anyone that hasn't sent in registration info (or paid yet) - don't worry about it - we'll deal with it when you show up if you make a last minute decision. We'll be at the entrance parking lot of Paragon by 8:15 or so every morning.

Of course, we'll be monitoring the boards until Wednesday night, so, if you do decide to head out, just drop us a line, so we'll know to look for you!

Weather forecast is finally cooperating - the weekend looks dry.

See you there.

Mike in NJ :patriot: