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Timing gear differences


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In the islands
I am the process of replacing the timing set on my XJ. I bought a set from Rock Auto. The crankshaft gear is tighter tan the one I removed. It may fit if I tap it on. For the camshaft, it is different. At a glance, it seem to be good. however, the face of the gear/sprocket is different. The face were the bolt and washer fits have a ridge unlike the original which is smooth. In other words, the washer would not cover the same area the original covered because of the machined ridge. Is there a different washer that fit there?

Te part number is S808 and is made by melling.
Don't know about the Melling sprocket ridge; maybe you could
modify the washer to fit.....?

I wouldn't tap around the crankshaft, the hammer vibrations can
induce cracking later on. You can put the gear in the oven to heat
it (while the wife isn't looking) and it should slip on easier.
Pictures would help .

I do have pictures but nowhere to host them, ... I never tried to.

Anyway, I reused the old Camshaft sprocket and the new chain and crank sprocket. Everything is back together and running.